In relationship counselling, while familiar with Dr. Gottman’s techniques, he uses a wide variety of approaches from his years of experience. Often, relationships have major communication difficulties, but these manifest into sexual, anger and anxiety problems.

Typical sessions begin with Dr. Ferris seeing both partners together. This allows him to observe and understand  how they relate.  He will usually, then, ask to see each partner separately to explore in more depth their individual feelings.

Dr. Ferris is not committed to saving the relationship at any cost, but does want any future relationship to be a path chosen by both parties.

Sometime people are in such distress, they lose hope, just want relief and can no longer see what their relationship could be. They see limited options and thus are less willing to put the energy into change. One of the big hurdles in relationship therapy is to rekindle hope. The willingness to try is an important predictor of future success.

Most people believe that their feelings are immutable and not likely to change: especially in regard to their partner. Often a change in feeling can bring hope where none was believed. This is why an outside therapist can produce changes when one is ready to give up.

We can all  observe how our partners behave in the everyday world but less often do we understand why they act as they do. Understanding  the inner world of your partner is what allows  relationships to survive and flourish in spite of life’s difficulties.

Couples counseling often involves teaching each of the partners about the other. A competent guide/therapist will make mastering new skills in communications, experiencing emotions and changing behavior much easier.

Years of experience with a wide variety of couples gives Dr. Ferris many options/choices/strategies and you will feel a renewed hope as you progress through the sessions.