For your first session:

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your session in order to complete some paperwork. In the waiting room you will find a clipboard with two pages of material to be read, filled-out and signed. These forms collect biological information, explain confidentiality, and request for information on your issues. Dr. Ferris will greet you in the waiting room when it is time for your session.

“The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray.”
Oscar Wilde

When you first enter the Dr.’s private office:

To ensure that the emotional experience at the end of therapy session is not interrupted, billing is processed first. Next is an opportunity for you to ask any questions prior to beginning therapy (i.e., confidentiality).

Session Information:

For individual psychotherapy, first sessions are typically two hours or more. Subsequent sessions and their duration will be discussed with Dr. Ferris.

For relationship counseling, first sessions are typically one hour with both parties attending. Subsequently, each partner will be seen by Dr. Ferris, individually, before the next joint session.

Please note:

A one-hour appointment only lasts 50 minutes. If you arrive late, your session may be shortened to maintain the schedule for the consideration of other patients. If Dr. Ferris starts your session late, he will ensure that you receive your full session.